Welcome to Hollow Wines!

I think ever since I had my first sip of amazing wine at 21 ;) I was hooked. I being a bike shop employee and a student was quite frustrated that great wine was seemingly so expensive especially California wine. While I certainly love international wines, I have grown partial to California wines because its something I lived with and was apart of my life from a very early age. My vision for Hollow Wines was to find amazing wine and sell it at slim margins to help spread the experience of small-batch custom wine with those who previously couldn't afford it or those who simply want to drink more of it but can't afford to drink small label wine every day.

One of the biggest drivers of cost in wine is marketing, this has become true since the advent of the internet. The ability to share and promote online has actually increased the cost of marketing because it has increased access to humans on a consistent basis. My dream and vision for Hollow Wines is that my customers become my advocates and I want to be accessible to everyone! So when you call our winery number 805-940-7372 (that's actually my CELL!!!) crazy right? How many winery owners give you their cell phone number! If you have a question! Call me! Who better to answer than the guy putting the wine in the bottle! Have an idea? Want a specific wine? Call me! Shy on the phone? Email me! (better chance I remember in the future, so call and email or the best result!) So with that being said, I can't wait in the next couple of weeks or so (waiting on final licensing) to share with you my wines!


Quinn Hobbs