What is Hollow Wines?

Before we dissect what Hollow Wine's is, you need to try and grasp who I am. This is a challenging task because I seem to learn something new about myself every day! However, one thing is consistent, and that is, I LOVE WINE! I started collecting wine when I was 21 years old living in Santa Clara while working at a LBS (local bike shop).

One day a customer handed me a bottle of Ridge Montebello Estate 1991 (this was in 2007). I didn't think anything of it at the time, took it home, found my corkscrew, and opened it. Didn't let it breathe, poured it straight into the nearest clean glass and took a sip. (PAUSE FOR EFFECT) (Imagine my mind being BLOWN) I was flabbergasted! I couldn't believe what I had just tasted. I thought, what the hell did I just taste, and why is it so good? I pulled it up on google, which I believe was close to a $300 bottle at the time (K&L sells it for just over $550 now). Thus began my obsession with unique single vineyard pure California wine.

While I wanted to buy all the Ridge Montebello I could afford, the reality was that at $300 a bottle, this wasn't going to be a lot of wine. So I decided to try and find amazing unique wines for a fantastic value. What did I discover? Not a whole lot, I search Safeway, Trader Joes, Bevmo, and even Costco only to be disappointed with every $10-30 bottle I tried, nothing was quite the same as that Ridge Montebello 1991. So I decided that this was just the way it was, and unless you have stacks of cash, you'll never drink great wine.

That was until I discovered all the cool "garagiste" winemakers of California. According to USAWineRatings.com, there are over 3,600 wineries in California. So by numbers, I realized that I just was looking in the wrong places for great wine.

When you buy wine from Safeway, Trader Joes, Bevmo, and Costco, you are often purchasing at the wine that has already been sold twice. So the true value of the wine diluted such that the distributor and the retailer can make their margin is overinflating the value of the wine. The other problem with these stores is that they have to use commercial yeasts and a lot of sulfur to ensure uniform taste and stable wine. When you do both of these things, you are losing not only the beautiful elegance of the fruit but removing the terroir as well (Terroir is a term used in France to describe the essence of a wine based on the location from where the wine is from). Most grapes actually can ferment themselves and do not require special yeasts. What's unique about this process is that every area has its own unique yeasts living in the area and on the grape skins adding additional unique flavors to the wine (this is apart of the Terrior).
So you are probably wondering okay, "you still haven't told me what hollow wines is Quinn"...

The truth is last year after having my first kid and just a few months later falling ill with a severe virus that put me in a bed for over a month, I had an awakening. I realized that I wasn't pursuing my passion. So I did everything I could to learn the wine industry. I volunteered for free (I was gifted some incredible wine so not entirely free) at several wineries, worked an entire harvest (BACKBREAKING work), and started saving. I then did my market research and befriended a lot of my favorite California Garagiste winemakers. They helped me get me on the right track to start making wine. In the process, I began to discover a lot of my favorite winemakers had an extra barrel here and a spare barrel there. While they would have loved to sell the wine, they simply couldn't expand their line up because the demand wasn't there, so rather than lower their price, they sell the barrels to me at a loss, and I bottle each barrel and sell it directly to you!

The beauty of this model is that I can also make adjustments need be with other carboys of wine or even different barrels full of wine to blend. This way, I can round out a big monster barrel of Cab they had that was simply too big to be drunk on its own with just a splash of Cab Franc from another friend. The with careful blending and some science ;) you have a FANTASTIC high-quality wild ferment wine at a KICK-ASS price!

So, in short, Hollow Wines is a local wine blender and bottler based in Lompoc, California. I, Quinn Hobbs, the owner, blender, and eventually winemaker (first harvest 2020!), gather incredible deals on super quality unique handcrafted wines, ensure their quality (each wine will come with an independent lab test ensuring low sulfur and no herbicides) bottle it and sell to you at a KICK-ASS Price! Be sure to sign up for our email list because you won't want to miss out on our remarkable wines when we do our releases! We only release in limited and small quantities (20-400 cases!). So it moves fast at the prices we sell at!