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There is a lot of buzz around the word natural wine. Personally, I never wanted to call my wines natural as I feel that adding potassium metabisulfite can preserve the wine and actually block some of the histamines as well as bacteria from taking over the wine. Many people equate sulfites to headaches in wine, this is rarely the case in minimal intervention/natural wines as we are all striving to use less than 75ppm total sulfites (comparably dried apricots and commercial orange juice have well over 500 ppm!) 

My wild wines however are pure, from vineyards using organic practices, no commercial pesticides, and fair and equitable labor practices. We want to leave as small as a footprint on the earth both for nature and humans. 

With my wild series nothing is added except for a bit of sulfur in the barrel, and just enough to preserve at bottling. Never filtered, never fined (fining agents can be toxic as well as disgusting i.e. cow pancreas, eggs, horse hoofs), and 100% handcrafted by me. I hope you enjoy my wild wines.



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  • 2020 Hollow Wines Pinot Noir
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