About Hollow Wines

Before I embarked on this journey, I was an entrepreneur in a high stress career. I was successful in my industry, and from the outside, it looked like I was living the life. But, the stress of it caught up to me, and I ended up in the emergency room on my 33rd birthday, away from my wife and newborn daughter. I left knowing that I wasn’t doing what I felt passionate about and that I needed to make a change. 

While trying to get healthy, my friends at Alma Sol introduced me to winemaking, and I volunteered for my first harvest—an exhausting but incredible experience that piqued my interest. I volunteered for a few wineries after that and later worked for Matt at Side Project Wines, a minimal-intervention, small-batch winery in Western Australia.

Matt introduced me to a world of natural wines, fantastic varietals using minimal to zero additions. I was blown away and realized we needed more natural wine in America—high quality wine that people without loads of cash could afford. As soon as our feet hit the ground back home, I got licensed and connected with Ron Siletto, who was instrumental in getting me access to grapes farmed organically.

He and I shared a commitment to bettering the planet and using 100% organic practices, and Hollow Wines was born. At Hollow Wines, we believe in true terroir and letting the grapes and earth express themselves, just as I expressed myself through this journey.

Our wines are minimal intervention, wild fermented, vegan, and handcrafted by me, Quinn Hobbs. I source our fruit from organic and dry-farmed vineyards, ensuring you get the best natural wines made with the planet in mind.

Today, alongside running Hollow Wines full-time and raising my daughter alongside my beautiful wife Alison, I’m pursuing my PhD in global leadership and change so that I can help other wineries and winemakers produce low-carbon wine that’s better for the planet and better for the people.

It gives me incredible happiness to see you enjoying them. Thank you!