Beach Clean Up Team!

Clean the beach

Earn Discounts on Wine!

Really? It's just that easy? Well kind of. Basically sign up using the form below and be sure to track your clean up efforts on Strava is a 3rd party application on both Android and iOS (Apple) that allows you to track your activity. We don't care necessarily how much trash you pick up but that you are putting in the effort! Remember small items can actually do the most damage to our sea life. I personally, will bring small bags and just focus on cigarette butts, styrofoam fragments, and straws some days. 

Here are the steps!

1. Sign up on the form below

2. Sign up for a free account (paid account not necessary) at and download the app on your phone.

3. Be safe while cleaning the beach. Please review the Surfrider beach clean up safety protocols here. They are very important for your safety. 

4. Sign up for the Hollow Wines Beach Clean up team on Strava 

5. Go to the beach, turn on your app, and record your activity while cleaning up. When you finish, take a picture of your valiant efforts (remember small trash is just as meaningful!) and post your efforts and earn sweet discounts on wine!

Opt in to our champions program to be eligible for give aways and even bigger discounts!

Tiers for Discounts based on Monthly Efforts!

120-200 Minutes a month - 5% Discount

201-300 Minutes a month - 10% Discount

301-500 Minutes a month - 15% Discount

500+ Minutes a month - 20% Discount (hit 3 months in a row and receive a free Hollow Wines Beach Team Pro T-Shirt!)