Hollow Wines Ambassador Program!

Do you love wine as much as we do? Then why not earn a little extra while sharing the love! COVID-19 has been challening for all of us and we are doing our best to figure out how to get our wine in the hands of more people without being able to open our tasting room. So we decided to launch our Ambassador program in California and Florida. While we are brand new we can't afford to add on any more states but if you live in either California or Florida there is no cost to join our program and its a great way to earn some extra $ while doing what you love!

Benefits of the program

1. Discount on all Hollow Wines products!

2. Ability to earn bonuses and win special packages and trips to see Hollow Wines Production facility in beautiful Santa Barbara County!

3. No cost to join! This is not an MLM/Pyramid scheme! We do not require you to buy our wine to promote our product. In fact the more you promote the more you earn in goodies from us without having to buy wine. 

If you are interest in joining please fill out the form here and our owner/winemaker Quinn will get back to you asap!

Thanks and have a great wineful day!

Quinn Hobbs

Sign up for our program here!