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Hang 6 Club

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2020 Summer Release!

1 Bottle of Shore Pounder Goon of Fortune (2 in whites only, 2 in reds only)

2 Bottle of Hollow Wines Chardonnay (3 Bottles in Whites Favorite, 0 in reds)

Botle of Hollow Wines Pinot Noir (1 Bottle in Reds Favorite Pack, 1 in whites)

1 Bottle of Hollow Wines Cabernet Franc (1 in reds, 0 in whites)

1 Bottle of Hollow Wines Seafire Pinot Noir (0 in whites and 2 in reds)

Get 6 bottles delivered to your door three times a year plus an additional 15% off on any additional purchases. You can choose between all whites, all reds, or a mix.

How it works:

We will have three clubs shipped out four times over the year during the best months for shipping with our seductive new wines. Cancel anytime, and the first club shipment ships ASAP! 

By purchasing your first shipment you are authorizing Hollow Wines to charge your credit card for all future shipments and shipping. You can cancel at any time by emailing club@hollowwines.com or by calling +1-805-940-7372